We want you to enjoy and make good use of your time at Pratts Bottom Village Hall. Please read these Conditions before confirming your hire. Booking Secretaries will be pleased to answer any queries you may have.

The Conditions are necessary for two main reasons:-

1) Consistent maintenance of the hall, its equipment and the whole site to a standard that benefits all hirers.

2) Management Compliance with statutory Licence Regulations, particularly in respect of noise and nuisance, Health and Safety Requirements and Local Authority guidelines.

1. Booking and Cancellation

(a) Booking - The appropriate Hire Fee and Damage Bond are to be paid in full by separate cheques at the time of booking. A confirmation of booking will be made when payments are cleared. Special payment terms are agreed with regular users.

(b) Cancellation by Hirer - If a booking is cancelled with less than four weeks notice, all or part of the Hire Fee will not be returnable if the hire period cannot be re-let. The Damage Bond will be refundable.

2. Use of the Hall

(a) Maximum seating capacity - 150 persons. Less if dancing is to take place. Maximum for dancing - 200 persons.

(b) Noise - it is an official requirement that nuisance to neighbouring properties does not occur. The noise level of music or any other activity must be controlled by the hirer to an acceptable level. Congregating in the car park should be avoided. Complaints of excessive noise or other disturbance may lead to forfeiture of your Damage Bond.

( c) Alcohol - if you intend to sell alcohol at your event please tell the Booking Secretary at the time of booking as only a limited number of permits are available each year. If approved, you must apply to the Licensing Department, London Borough of Bromley for a “Temporary Event Licence”. A fee is payable to LB of B.

(d) Music - Licences are held by the Performing Rights Society and Photographic Performance Ltd. It is your responsibility to ensure that any copyright music is covered by these Licences.

(e) Decorations - must be non-flammable and only pinned or tied in place.

(f) Childrens’ Parties - These are restricted to children of twelve years and under. The party must be supervised by responsible adults. Unless taking part in a performance, children are not permitted on the stage or in the dressing rooms.

(g) Teenage and Young Adult Parties - Bookings are not accepted for parties for groups or individuals between 13 and 25 years of age.

3. Cleaning and Care

(a) Cleaning - Always leave the hall in a clean and fit state for subsequent users.

  • Cleaning tools, bin liners, toilet rolls and paper towels are in the large cupboard in the kitchen. You must supply your own tea towels and washing up/cleaning cloths.
  • Sweep the floors and clean off any soiling on the flooring.
  • Clean tables and chairs, if needed, and stack them away in the store. . Empty and reline any rubbish bins you have used. Put rubbish bags in the outside bin by the site entrance. Please take bottles and cans away to a recycling point.
  • If you have used the kitchen, clean the work surfaces, the cooker, the sink and the floor.
  • The cost of any additional cleaning necessary through non-observance of the above conditions may be met from, but not limited to, your Damage Bond.

Care - Be careful not to damage any part of the hall or its equipment. Report any damage to the Booking Secretary. The costs of repair may need to be met from, but are not limited to, your Damage Bond.

4. Safety, Accidents and Emergencies

(a) In an emergency - call the appropriate service. The location of the hall is BR6 7PQ.

(b) Setting-out the hall - do not obstruct the emergency exits or access to fire extinguishers.

( c) Read the Fire Action notices - for a large event have your own evacuation plan prepared. It is recommended that you appoint stewards who are familiar with it. Emergency lighting system must be switched on for events held during hours of darkness.

(d) First Aid - the basic first aid kit is located in the kitchen but depending on activity, you may need to supply additional items. It is a legal requirement that all accidents must be entered in the Accident Book and reported to the Booking Secretary.

(e) Fire Risk - portable heaters, cooking apparatus; naked flames, e.g. candles or pyrotechnics are not permitted within the hall or elsewhere on the site.

(f) No Smoking - the hall, kitchen and toilet facilities are non-smoking areas. In the car park and garden please dispose of cigarette stubs in the recopticals provided.

5. Car Parking

(a) Best use - if you expect heavy car park demand we strongly recommend that you appoint a steward to help drivers make the best use of all the available parking space.

(b) Full car park - users are requested not to park in Norsted Lane or in the Bulls Head car park. A “No Parking” sign is provided for placing in the lane.

6. On Completion of Your Hire

(a) Check - that taps are turned off and all lighting in the hall, kitchen and toilet areas is switched off.

(b) Heating - turn heater controls to the level shown on the notice adjacent to the heater.

( c) Security - check that all doors and windows are firmly closed, then securely lock the entrance door.

Please advise the Booking Secretary of any problems you may have experienced in connection with your hire. We are always looking to improve the service.

7. Insurance

The hall is insured for buildings cover in the event of fire or accidental damage and for third party liability accident insurance. However the Trustees cannot be held responsible for the damage or theft of personal items, equipment or vehicles belonging to Hirers or their guests or for personal injury resulting from their negligent actions whilst on Village Hall property. In such circumstances the Hirer agrees to indemnify the Trustees against all claims. Hirers are advised to take out their own insurance cover.

Trustees - Pratts Bottom Village Hall Management Committee.
Revised April 2014

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